a good excuse :)

Category: everyday | June 4th, 2010

so i just wanted to share with the crafty blogging world why i have been so out of it lately and not on here as much as i’d like……i’m preggers!!! :) sooooooo excited and blessed. i have been waiting for this moment for a long time! i really believe one of my life’s purposes is to be a mom. so…check! :)
7 weeks along. officially saw a little flutter of a heartbeat this morning. there were some tears. so special. due january 21st! so get ready readers….i’m super excited about doing weekly updates! i won’t go baby crazy on here….might be making lots of baby things though. clearly. :) oh and i’d love any suggestions or even baby blogs or anything. this is super new for us. first time! :) hope all is well. this is a very exciting day. AND so excited that we are telling people now! it was so hard holding it in until we saw the heartbeat. but yay!!!! have a great weekend everyone!

peace and love…and babies!