someone’s turning one soon…

Category: baby | January 3rd, 2012

so it’s january. which means my sweet adorable baby will be one soon. what?!? i knew this day was coming soon but man it feels like this past year went by sooo fast. i know we all say that, but seriously. so a new project (because i don’t have enough going on already)….preparing for her first birthday party!!

it’ll be a fun, family filled party. ALL of our immediate family is coming!! so excited! pretty sure last time that happened it was our wedding day. anywho, it’s going to fun! and all handmade! well for the most part. so let the little projects begin because i have less than 2 weeks to plan/prepare! and yes, i have been stalking pinterest like it’s my job. so thank you pinterest for helping me and at the same time making my life harder with alllll these awesome ideas. you can see my party ideas on pinterest here! (it may or may not be a rainbow theme) :)

**if you have any ideas to share then please do!!! or even just some advice on the whole 1st birthday shenanigan. i’m a rookie.

so be prepared to read a few posts about miss P’s birthday bash. oh, and i might have gone overboard on the researching inspiration ideas because i already have ideas for future birthday parties! ha.