a full weekend

Category: everyday | February 16th, 2011

this past weekend was such an eventful weekend…full of good times and a few not so fun times (emergency room trip), but i loved it. my entire immediate family came into town to see miss penelope! it was a full house, and i loved it. all siblings and spouses and all our babies. i know my parents were in heaven. we took lots of pics…there were some funny ones for sure. (josh especially loved the one above) ;)
avery and penny
proud cousin. penny is just chillin in her arms. :)
i love these cuties….and yes we love texas. clearly :)
all the grandbabies lined up. haha. you should have seen us as we were trying to get all their attention and staying still. they are so tiny!
2 months apart. already best buds. love it.

i love my family and so glad they could make the trip down here! especially thankful for them being patient with me and taking care of my baby while the mister and i spent our morning in the ER. (i will beat this asthma/coughing battle!) i was definitely sad to see them go. sigh. it’s our turn to make a trip up to their place next. first road trip…should be interesting. :)

hope y’all had a great weekend! have a great wednesday!!!

peace and love