36 weeks

Category: belly series | October 30th, 2012

less than a month folks! i said that the other day to a friend of mine at church and i was like WHOA…less than a month! i don’t think it has registered just yet. i had a rough week or two awhile back but now i am feeling great. i am getting used to carrying around this basketball under my shirt. this belly definitely has grown! overnight even. sometimes i walk by a mirror and have to take a second look…and then just stare…because i know this sweet largeness of a belly won’t be here for much longer.

my sweet friend jackie threw me a little baby shower the other weekend. i am ┬áso thankful for her and her sweet family. it’s nice to know this baby is getting a little extra love and attention too. i got lots of diapers! yay!! ;) i finally started pulling out all the main tiny baby things that i will be using, and of course miss P has taken a liking to them all! from swings to car seats to the bathtub. it’s cute. hoping she will get her fix with them and then be done with them when the baby comes and just “helps” me instead. we shall see. lol

a cold front has come in this week and i am loving every second of it! i don’t want it to go. plus it’s really cute to see P all bundled up and wearing layers.

we are on our last week of the birthing classes with my midwife and a few other pregnant mamas. i am enjoying the loads of information and refreshing of my memory. the mister hasn’t been able to go to all of the classes because of meetings up at the church that he runs but my midwife told him to be sure to come to the last one because that talks about sudden birth. not to scare us or anything but she highly suggested that he knows exactly what to do! ahhh. haha. (my midwife lives about 45 minutes away from us…with no traffic). she thinks i will have the baby in the middle of the night. she says lots of moms who have toddlers already tend to have their babies at night. isn’t that crazy/awesome how our bodies work? we wait until our other babies are taken care of and are asleep and then we are able to pay attention to the birth and not worry about what the other one is doing. God is good. ;) (watch…i’ll have this baby during the day now). ;)

here’s to a few more weeks!!