29 before 30 bucket list

Category: everyday | February 20th, 2014

29 before 30
I love making lists. I usually make lists for each day, grocery lists, packing lists, etc. There’s just something about writing it down and then crossing it off. It’s awesome. It is very rare when I have a day where everything on my list is crossed off. It usually seems reasonable but then things happen, things take longer than planned, babies decide to take 10 minute naps, etc. I have been wanting to do an annual bucket list type thing for quite some time now and finally got around to it….so it seemed fitting to have that as my number one on the list. Clearly.
29  before 30 list
I know people usually make their bucket lists with “big” things to do during their lifetime but the birthday bucket list is just for the year so I wanted to make them somewhat realistic. :) (And because I technically only have 9 months until 30). I thought this would be a fun project and I am pumped to start marking things off my list!! And it seems even more official now that I posted it on the blog. I think I will try to get the entire family to start birthday bucket lists too. It will be fun to set goals for the girls. I wonder what they will pick! :) What would be on your list??