2010 mini recap

Category: everyday | December 31st, 2010

12 photos for each month…it was hard to narrow it down, but made it an easy task to just do one. :) took this idea from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess.

january: started my nanny job for my three nieces. got to watch them grow for a whole year. they taught me a lot!
february: started our women’s bible study. life changing. oh and did a drastic hair color change and got bangs. (still trying to grow them out!!)
tex mex bagels
march: husband and i went vegan for 6 weeks. it was pretty awesome, but hard work.
first dance
april: anniversary time! 1 year ago i married the love of my life. :)
may: found out there’s a little baby in my belly. :):)
june: family trip to corpus for some sun and fishing.
july: started the weekly belly series.
bathroom after
august: moved into our new house and did some fun organizing. huge thank you to our realtors and parents!!
september: not much happened here since i was miserable with morning sickness, but my mom did get me this shirt that i wore proudly each week. next year guys… :)
october: found out our baby is a girl!!!
baby yawn
november: baby josh came!! (loved being pregnant with my sister) pretty awesome.
pretty tree
december: first Christmas in our new home….and last Christmas as just a couple. :)

loved 2010. had some tough times with losing loved ones and stressful moments, but also had tons to celebrate too. excited for what is to come in 2011!!

peace and love