diy paint swatch wall art

Category: DIY | November 12th, 2012

i am loving this new project the mister and i did awhile back (of course i am just now getting to post about it). it might have taken us awhile to agree on colors and the arrangement but it was worth the wait. all you need are some thumbtacks (or a few hundred), lots of paint swatches, and a very patient person to mark where every square will be pinned on the wall so you have straight lines….thank you love!!) we have had this entryway wall empty for quite some time now so i am glad we have something we love…and the best part…it cost us about $3 (for the thumbtacks). score! i wonder if all the lowe’s/home depot employees hate us “pinterest” people who come in and use the swatches for projects. oops. and thank you! this was our inspiration for the wall. we managed to take a “few” informal pics of the process. enjoy!