busy day

Category: everyday | October 28th, 2010

yesterday was filled with baby registry stuff and a halloween party. i am so thankful for all my mama friends who are helping me with suggestions and must haves on the registry. y’all are the best! i am open for more if you want to share some motherly wisdom by me! :)

i am pretty proud of our last minute decision on what to be for the GO Youth Halloween Party last night. can you guess?? we had a great time with the kids. their costumes were awesome and tons of candy and games! good times. definitely wore me out. but then i had so much trouble sleeping last night. sigh.

daddy and crib
good job love! :) it’s so cute!

i think i couldn’t sleep last night because i was thinking of all the things that i still need/want to do before baby comes (along with all the sugar i consumed). for instance, the WHOLE nursery. right now we only have a crib in there (yay!) and that’s it. nothing painted, nothing sewn, nothing on walls. oh man. already 7 months preggers. should i be worried? ;)

nursery goal
* to have everything ready in one month. we can do it!

well here’s to a very productive day. hopefully. happy thursday!

peace and love