a little photo shoot

Category: baby | December 12th, 2012

look at that little bitty girl. i still can’t believe that she was growing inside me all those months! we attempted a newborn photo shoot with her the other day. here’s a little sneak peek. :) i have an awesome and talented couple at our church who is doing the photos. it’s a learning experience for both of us since it’s their first time…and mine too (sadly i didn’t do newborn pics with miss P). let’s just say there was lots of cleaning up on the props and our own clothes. they were troopers! i love them.

miss ruby wasn’t so sure about everything and didn’t really “stay in whatever position we put her in like newborns are supposed to do.” ha but i think they got some super cute ones of what we managed to do. we are going to try another attempt here soon too. penelope was super cute too. she kept putting her baby dolls in all the baskets and wrapping them up in the blankets. she even kept trying to put headbands on ruby. lol. and then she threw a nice fit and colored with markers all over herself….in her defense she didn’t take a nap before hand like she normally does. :)

**thank you rick and cindy for everything y’all do! y’all are the best.