it’s not too late

Category: everyday | January 10th, 2013

it’s not too late to start some new years resolutions and goals! i just got this book that i ordered the other day and i am super excited to get started. it’s a 5 year memory book where you can write a line a day for the entire year. i got the idea from love taza and thought it would be such a neat idea (and fun/easy goal to keep up with). i am writing one thought per day….one thought. i can handle that. anyone can handle that! but how cool is it going to be to look back each year and see what one thought i had that day, that year. i think that’s pretty cool. ;) ¬†AND it’s a pretty good deal over on amazon (and prime for all you prime people!) ;)

so it’s been a over week in 2013….how many of y’all have kept up with your resolutions?! :) sadly…i didn’t even make it one day since we all got sick. i said, it’s not too late so i will be starting over now that i am almost feeling like my normal self. so here i go. :)


Category: everyday | January 3rd, 2013

well as you can see this little blog has not been my main priority lately. i’m not going to sit here and say “sorry for being quiet” around here…because well i’m not. lol. i would LOVE to be able to devote more time to this….and i have plans for that in the near future. but in the mean time i am still learning a new lifestyle with 2 babies under 2 (well not for too much longer!) it’s been 7 weeks since miss ruby came into this world and you would think 7 weeks is a long time to figure things out. figure out how to juggle two littles ones, how to get things done around the house (um not really happening), how to get enough sleep, and how to get out of the house in a reasonable amount of time and not be super late. :) but let me tell you, time has flown by soooo fast. i wake up early in the morning with ruby and go about our day and then the next thing i know it’s time to put the little ones to sleep for the night. so it has taken me awhile to get things going. we had a few challenges along the way but i am happy to say that we have worked past them. and i’m sure there will be more challenges in the future, but we aren’t focusing on that. :) i absolutely love my little family and i couldn’t imagine life any other way. i can honestly say that miss ruby really does complete us. it’s so different with 2. so different and so amazing. i look at penelope and ruby (and of course the mister) and count my blessings all the time. so yes i have priorities and i enjoy putting them first! props to all those who can manage life with a family and a blog!…although if i was getting paid to blog then perhaps i would put a little more effort into it. ;)

i wrote out some goals for the new year and will share them with you soon. some are a little personal so i’ll leave those out. ha. i honestly haven’t thought much about 2013. i had a lot going on in 2012. :) but i feel like this year is going to be fabulous. am i right? or am i right? ;)