four years

Category: holiday | April 30th, 2013

t and k
on the 18th we celebrated 4 years of married life! woohoo. as cliche as it sounds those 4 years really did fly by. we’ve had our ups and downs but it’s been a wonderful! we have so much to be thankful for in our relationship….especially our two sweet babies. ;) we have some amazing people behind us and supporting/encouraging us throughout our marriage. AND we have such great role models from our family and friends. my parents are about to celebrate their 37th anniversary!! 37 years. wow. i wonder what it’s going to be like when i can say we have been together for 37 years. that’s pretty awesome.

my MIL came over to watch the girls while the mister and i went out on a little date…by ourselves. (thanks grandma!) he had all these plans for us to do but we decided to just have dinner and sit. still. for more than 5 seconds. hah. we got to enjoy a warm dinner and some down time together. we don’t get to do that too often so that was nice. i love that man.

i want to start a new anniversary tradition but i haven’t figured that out yet. any fun suggestions?? well here’s to many, many more years with this guy!