pot holder clutch…check!

Category: DIY | December 18th, 2009

this lil project makes me smile. so easy, and cheap! (2 pot holders for a $1 at the dollar store) classic. got this fun tutorial over at Obsessively Stitching. awesome. so i did one to try it out….i forgot to take a before pic of the two pot holders…soo here’s a pic of another pair that i want to do…
pot holders
after… :)
pot holder clutch
pot holder clutch
who wouldn’t want a cute lil pot holder clutch to hold some SB gift cards. lol stitched a line down the middle for outer pockets, added a zipper, and a button. perf.
pot holder clutch
hand stitched the outsides (i would have sewn them but too bulky and my poor lil machine would have died)
pot holder clutch inside
it even has a divider making 2 sections. sweetness.
happy pot holder clutch
ha. loves it. thanks again Obsessively Stitching!!! have a great friday! yay.

peace and love

$3 framed calendar?…yes please.

Category: DIY | November 13th, 2009

$3 frame$3 purchase awhile  back. finally found a home for it!! all you need is a lovely frame (and glass), some poster board, maybe a ruler unless you are feeling lucky, some molly love, and if you need some guidance, check out The Creative Crate.

materials and molly love

make your grid, scribble some days, and yay!!

tada!I decided not to make mine super girlie (because I would have) so my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed. ; )

daysspice it up! you can use stickers too, like The Creative Crate did. I like the whole handmade idea.

novemberbust out with all your dry erase board markers and you got yourself a year round calendar! not too bad for $3 huh?? HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


peace and love

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even clay pots need a makeover.

Category: DIY | November 12th, 2009


I was given this gorgeous dendrobium orchid (from one of my sister -in-laws and her family) and I just love it. I have been wanting one for awhile, and now I can look at it everyday! this beauty came with a regular clay pot as its home, but I thought this plant is too fabulous to not have a fabulous home. soooo I gathered up some yarn (I knew it would come in handy), magical hot glue gun, and about 10 minutes. BAM…makeover.

lonely potlonely little pot before…

yarn to the rescue!!! I got this idea over at Craftzine. it is so easy and fun. I started from the bottom (secured with glue) and worked my way up. I didn’t even mean to, but these colors are perfect for the fall!

new friend


molly panda and I took a quick stroll outside and let the orchid do some nature bonding. I think they got along well. new besties. : )

yarn to the rescue


everyone is happy. give it a try! you can do this on glass vases, plastics, etc.

peace and love

*Earth laughs in flowers.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

old skirt meets new skirt…

Category: DIY | October 30th, 2009

I heart before and afters….


sweet molly girl wanted in on the pic.


molly wanted in on the action too.

molly panda

hehe. I love her….and the skirt.

stick action

nice action shot…lol

patiently waiting

patiently waiting for the stick…in she shade

action shot

her hair’s blowing in the wind. : )

close up

trying to show the pockets with molly’s slobber all over me.

still playing

that’s all for the photo shoot. (my husband so kindly takes time out of his busy, busy work day to take these random pics of me so I can put them on here…much love)  also wanted to give a shout out THANKS to Jessica at Happy Together for her fun recipe that she shared. I made it for work and it was gone in 15 seconds. (that beats your two days Jessica) ; )

yay for FRIDAY!!! have a great weekend.
peace and love

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old meets new

Category: DIY | October 20th, 2009

so I have a ton of random clothing articles that do not fit or just need some TLC. here are the lucky contestants this time….

what do you get when you mix an old shirt that is too short and an old but clean fitted bed sheet???
molly panda was curious too…

TADA!!! a lil cutting, some seaming, more cutting, seam ripping, more sewing…and there ya go. : ) I am in need of brushing up on my sewing skills. but this was fun, and I was super excited because the waste band of the fitted sheet was already done. I am all about the short cuts.

pocketribbon edge
some more random fabric which made a lovely pocket and I even lined the bottom of the sheet with ribbon for fun!  : ) (and yes, it was fun. ha) threw in some lace to spice it up too.


I have more leftover fitted and flat sheets and tons of old shirts….hmmmm what to do next??

peace and love

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