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Category: family | July 17th, 2013

  summer toes
july has been such a busy month! weddings, family reunions, family vacations, and everything else in between. let me just say that i am ready to not live out of a suitcase for awhile. ;) we had so much fun though. lots and lots of family time…from both sides too! the girls did awesome with the many hours of traveling in the car. i was impressed. there were a few fits here and there…but i’ll just blame that on being in a new place and thrown off of our “schedule.” haha.
fireworks bumble bee lodge cousins
^^^look at all those super cute cousins! 12 girls and 1 boy. hehe^^^

the girls had so much fun spending time with their cousins and getting lots of extra attention from their aunts, uncles, and grandparents! i wish they all lived down the street from us! ;) most of the time was spent outside by the pool. and the other time spent was me putting sunscreen on them! man we went through a lot of sunscreen. i gotta protect my pale babies. although P is darker than me and tans easily. (must be nice). ;) it’s okay, i’ve accepted my paleness and think it’s cool. ha.
water slidedaddy daughter
^^^group hug! love those kids! i miss them so much already.^^^

now that we are home we have a lot of projects around the house that we want to get started on…mainly outdoor ones since we actually have a backyard now! if you follow me on pinterest then you will see lots of “outdoor” pins lately. i have big plans for that backyard. so many projects, not enough time! story of my life.

well i’ve said this before and i will probably say this again but i hope to get back to blogging more now that we aren’t going anywhere for awhile. my future self will thank me later. ;)


Category: 52 project | January 11th, 2013

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013”

penelope: munching on some goldfish while swinging outside. one of her favorite things to do.
ruby: stretching out on the changing table…enjoying her fresh, clean diaper. ;)

a few blogs that i follow are doing this 52 in 2013 challenge. you choose anything you want…naturally i chose my girls…and take a photo of them once a week, every week, for the entire year. awesome excuse to bust out with my slr more and of course take EVEN more photos of my girls. ;) technically this should be 2/52 but i was out sick all last week so that doesn’t count. i’ll make it up eventually. :) i challenge y’all to join! what will y’all be taking a photo of each week??

i first saw the challenge over at sometimes sweet, which then lead me to che and fidel. :) happy picture taking!

***winner of the valentine’s day banner giveaway is kevin reid! email me to claim your prize! :) thank you to everyone else who entered!

colorado, part I

Category: everyday | September 6th, 2012

remember that time we went on a road trip….like 3 weeks ago? well i’m finally getting around to sharing some posts and photos from that. :) i thought i’d keep this part I simple and share my instagram photos. sadly, i didn’t take as many photos as planned….and i happened to take more photos with my phone than my slr. of course. ha.

**a friend of ours asked us if we could join him and his family on a road trip to colorado to cheer/help pace him on his crazy but awesome ultra marathon adventure called the leadville 100. for those who don’t know what that is….it’s pretty much a 100 mile race in leadville, colorado with mountains and all….and all 100 miles have to be under 30 hours (to get a medal). whew. so of course we were up for the challenge (i can handle cheering!). more about his race on the next post. :)

we took our time driving up there. with three cars and 4 kiddos we made lots of stops, but i wasn’t complaining since just about every time we stopped i had to go the bathroom. oh pregnancy bladder problems. ;) it was nice to get out and stretch every time too. p did awesome! i was worried about her in the car since we haven’t driven longer than 5 hours with her before. she still sits rear facing too, but all those movies and playtime in the back helped a bunch! (thanks to all those who let me borrow movies) :) it was such a pretty drive. i think i am used to my trips to dallas and I-35 (which is so not fun at all), and worried that it was going to be a super long I-35 drive. but we took the backroads and it made the trip oh so much better!

we enjoyed the wonderful weather up there even though i still got a sunburn on race day. what? not cool. our morning walks were amazing. we didn’t have room for the jogging stroller so we had our regular pram one and umm that wasn’t the most trail/hill friendly thing to push around but it worked. we walked alongside a river and  saw tons of chipmunks. the mountain views were so pretty. it was such a nice change of scenery.
we  stayed in a house with our friends and their family. lots of kiddos. never a dull moment! and more friends who live in colorado joined in on the fun too and brought their sweet puppy who became my snuggle buddy. :)  it was nice to just hang out and soak up the little community life where we were staying in buena vista. it was a work/live neighborhood. so pretty much all those who worked in the little local shops also lived just down the street or even above the shop. such a neat and close community.

when it was time to go the mister and i decided to drive straight home, nonstop. i was a little nervous about that but it worked out great too. we left right before P and i fell asleep and the mister pretty much drove throughout the night until breakfast time. after we ate i took over and could only handle 4 hours. haha. pretty sad huh? he finished the home stretch and we made it back by the afternoon. it was nice to be back home and see sweet molly waiting for us. (thank you to my sweet neighbors and sarah for loving on her for us!)

we were gone for a whole week and man it took me about a whole week to get back on track with reality…not to mention the crazy heat we came back too. colorado was a nice treat and tease for fall weather. if only it would get here sooner than later! i’m over the fact of me sweating when i just walk to the mailbox. ;)

more about the actual race on part II. thanks for reading my ramblings on our first real road trip as a family! lots of great memories with great friends. praise God.

longhorn love…

Category: DIY | December 1st, 2009

sooo i took a million pics over the thanksgiving holida. for real. had too much fun. but i wanted to show everyone one of my beautiful nieces emery. every time i see her she gets bigger and more beautiful. it’s crazy. : ) it was her first birthday the other day and i was so excited to give her her lil shirt i made for her! born a longhorn, so it was appropriate. especially since it was game day. hook em! here’s a few…
longhorn fam
longhorn shirt
longhorn shirt2
baby longhorn
pretty longhorn
awwww i’m a proud auntie. don’t you just love her…and the shirt. ; ) it literally took me about 30 minutes total to do this. super easy. i used an outline of a longhorn as my guide and i drew it on the shirt. then just cut some strips of whatever fabric you want (this was jersey) and do a little hand stitching down the middle of the strips, gather up the ruffles, and sew. fabulous. 
oh and gotta give some puppy love…hehe
molly panda
crazy chief

so my family so kindly mailed me my power cord that i left without over the holidays….it came today!!! praise God. now i have a computer. time to catch up. love to all. it’s starting to get cold here too….super exciting. AAANNNNDDD we got a tree and put up decorations. oooooh yes.

peace and love