introducing “almost exactly”

Category: everyday | September 14th, 2012

here it is folks! introducing the new look! i feel like a new person. :) (first off…a big thank you to the mister and his team for putting up with my craziness and making this happen!!) i have been wanting a new blog design for awhile and a whole new blog really. peace, love, & crafts was good to me but i felt like i needed some rebranding to fit with my current lifestyle. so almost exactly it is. :)

i desired to blog more. i found that writing about my life and the stuff around me was what i really wanted to do  (and it would allow me to write more posts more often). so that is the main reason for this new look and rebranding…plus, change is good, right?

to be honest, i didn’t really have an idea for a new title for the longest time and basically searched for ideas. i happened to come across this cute oxymoron and fell in love. so that’s how i got the name. pretty simple. i wish i had some awesome story that explained the significance behind it, but no. :)

well, there you have it. i sure hope you like the new look and layout. i especially love the simple and clean feel it has. bigger photos (which is always more fun) and not as busy on the side. i am still with the same url ( as before, so you don’t need to do anything if you “follow” me.

i’m looking forward to boring you sharing with you more about my life and what not. and to start off the new blog i have a super fun giveaway to share, starting next week! excited! so be sure to come back and visit . :)