teach my toddler

Category: baby | May 30th, 2012

there were a lot of things that i wanted to be growing up and one of them was a teacher. (i wasn’t as hardcore as my sister though). ;) technically you can say that i am a teacher now since i’m the kid’s church pastor at our church but that’s different since i only see them once a week. i also tried to be a “teacher” to my 3 nieces when i was their nanny for a year…but it was a little challenging since they were on three different levels/attention spans. hah. it was fun though. hopefully they learned a thing or two.

i came across this nifty little kit online at Teach My and it seemed like a lot of fun (not to mention the mister has been on me to teach our child something for quite some time now. throw in some eye rolling and head shaking). :) so i ordered the 18-36 month kit and it came yesterday! i feel like i should set up shop and have a little classroom going on with laminated posters and a chalkboard. that would be awesome! hmmmm. :) we haven’t officially started yet but i let miss P pick out a section and we explored it for a little bit. i’m so excited to challenge her little brain and have some fun with this kit!

in this Teach My Toddler Kit they have four sections nicely organized for you. alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. in each section they have a puzzle, poster chart, book, and flash cards. they even have a little parent’s guide to help you get started with some tips. they have other age group kits as well or you can just get certain sections of the kit separately.

**this is not a sponsored post. i just thought this kit was such a neat idea and wanted to share with everyone else who might be interested too! :) what other tools/activities do you use with your toddlers?

that sweet sound.

Category: baby | May 24th, 2012

so i know y’all have been waiting just as patiently as i have to hear this baby’s little heartbeat. been waiting 14 weeks for this! well today was the day for my appointment with the midwife and i waited anxiously while she went through all her routine questions about how i’m feeling, some blood work, and then it was time. yay! i wanted to record the sound since the mister wasn’t able to be there. so even though it was meant for him i know y’all are dying to hear it. ;) don’t mind miss P whining talking in the background. she didn’t like what was going down at the time. apparently she’s already jealous and protective of her mama. must work on that. lol tips and suggestions are welcome! but other than that this baby is healthy and we are happy!


the past couple weeks

Category: baby | April 12th, 2012

(umm…is it too early to start showing?? bc i am.) ;)
unfortunately the majority of my days (and nights) have been spent laying down…on the floor, on the couch, on the bed, on top of tons of toys because i don’t have the energy to move them. ;) let’s just say this baby, as tiny as it is, is wearing me out!! man. not to mention the lovely morning sickness that has kicked in full force. if you followed this blog when i was pregnant with P then you might remember how bad i had it with her too, not to mention how long (19 weeks!) i am hoping it’s not as bad this time around. we shall see! miss P and the mister have been troopers when it comes with dealing with me and my “lack of energy”…especially when it comes to food. ha. chick fil a has been very helpful lately.

well i’m officially 8 weeks today. :) i debated on when to announce this baby. usually you wait until you hear/see the first heartbeat but being with a midwife again there aren’t any ultrasounds to hear the heartbeat that early. around 10-12 weeks is when she can pick it up via doppler. clearly i couldn’t wait that long to spread the good news. but i trust God and know there’s a baby in there….otherwise something is really wrong with my body! ;)

it feels so good to be able to talk about what’s going on in my life now! hopefully i don’t scare off any readers with this new obsession. ;) i plan on doing another “belly series” with this baby. i like being able to look back at my growing belly and see what was going on at the time (because if i didn’t have those notes then i wouldn’t have been able to remember that much). but i won’t start until 12 weeks like last time. get excited! ;)

1st Easter egg hunt!

Category: baby, everyday | April 2nd, 2012

our neighborhood hosted it’s annual Easter egg hunt on saturday at the park and of course we had to go to it this year. last year she was too tiny to enjoy it but this year i knew she’d love it. we might have practiced around the house in the morning to get ready. ;)

she did great! better than i thought too. she had fun with all her friends, pet real bunnies (one was named penelope!) and jumped/sat while everyone else jumped around her in the mini bounce house. she wasn’t a fan of the Easter bunny (i don’t blame her!)….so didn’t get a chance to get a good photo. lol.

we had fun hanging with our friends too. (miss you K&H!!) other than the egg hunt it was a pretty lazy (much needed lazy) day with the fam. i even took a nap when P did. been so tired lately. we have another egg hunt at church this sunday…she’s going to be pro by then. :)