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yarn wreath

Category: DIY | August 1st, 2011

yep, that’s right. i joined the club and made a yarn wreath. as common as these things are, they are still super cute. one of the easiest DIYs ever. i even made mine to where i can change out the flowers to whatever i feel like, or match with the seasons. i’m cool like that. (plus it saves me from buying the wreath piece each time. all about saving).
here’s how i got started

just some simple supplies. i started out wrapping the wreath very carefully, trying to make it smooth and clean. **bad idea. don’t do it. trust me. haha.

just wrap it around and around and around…not trying to be perfect. so much easier and faster! plus it looks great afterward too. just make sure to cover the whole wreath (at least the parts you can see when hanging). i used pins too (you can use hot glue too) but this way if i ever wanted to change it out i can.

then made a few of these guys….which i also just pinned in place. i love the idea of just changing out the flowers. and i can keep them for later use with other colors too. so many possibilities! ;)

and yay! (i like how you can see P in the reflection). :) she really wanted the camera too….love those cheeks.

now go make a pretty wreath. it’s easy peasy. happy monday everyone!