zilker kite festival

Category: everyday | March 8th, 2013

this past sunday we made it out to the 85th annual zilker kite festival here in austin. yes…85 years! it’s the nation’s oldest kite festival, and it’s still going strong. for the 10 years that i have lived here in austin i have not been to the festival once. i thought that was pretty sad so i decided to do something about it this year. so after church we ate lunch, packed up our goodies and made our way down to the park with some friends and the other 20,000+ people who went.

we had to walk a bit to get there and penelope was having a blast people watching (more like dog watching) on the way. when we got there it was such an awesome view. there were sooo many kites. i don’t think penelope had seen a kite that up close before let alone that many! her head was up in the sky most of the time. you also had to be on the lookout for kites flying at your head. there were a couple of close calls! we had a cinderella and a spiderman kite. she couldn’t decide so we brought both. i love how she’s so girly and a tomboy at the time. :)
the mister flew the kite while i kept miss ruby out of the wind. she wasn’t a big fan. lol. i forgot to bring a hat for her so she wore one of penelope’s…in other words she couldn’t see half of the time. ;) we all had a fun time. it was such a beautiful day. sunny, in the 70s, and windy! i am so glad i can finally say i have been to the kite festival! everyone should go at least once!