you are my sunshine

Category: baby, DIY | April 22nd, 2011

my good friend autumn over at the letter studio, made this sweet piece for penelope. it’s definitely her favorite song. i didn’t have a frame on hand, so i decided to add a little something to it before i put it in her room. :)

found some lace and some ribbon. used the fabulous hot glue fun and glued the lace together. i also rounded the edges on the piece for softer look to go with the lace. and then glued the lace around the edges on the back.

then glued the ribbon to the back like so. doesn’t have to be pretty since no one will see it. makes life easier. :)

and tada! homemade frame. i think it turned out pretty cute. found a little home for it on the wall in her room. i would show better pics of her room but it’s a tad bit messy right now. i am in the process of packing up her nb and 0-3 months clothes and putting out 3-6 and of course 6-9 since she will be fitting into those in no time apparently. so yea….better pics of her room are to come! but yay for cute wall decor! :)

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