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Category: everyday | October 7th, 2009

well, it may not be magic, but I like to think it is. ha. what helped me get all excited and passionate about making things is my work place…and my husband. he so kindly let me take over half of our bedroom (we live in a small apt) and let me organize (which I love doing!) all my crafts. I really think he just got tired of me making a mess on the dining room table.

I thought this would be a little inspiration to those out there who do not have all the funds or the extra space.


got the simple yet functional shelving unit from home depot. it lets you adjust the heights so that was nice. the colored bins and baskets are from Target…on sale. love it. if I had to choose I probably wouldn’t have done that color scheme, but they were on sale, so I had to suck it up. : ) ALSO, we craftily cut up the box that the shelving unit came in, and made an easy to slide drawer that holds some of my scraps of fabric. next project is painting it fun colors. : )


another functional idea that I know has been around for ages is the use of recycled jars. I knew they would come in handy eventually! there’s a little bit of spaghetti sauces, pickles, and banana peppers (yum!). my husband gave me a hard time when I cluttered up the cabinets of empty jars. now it is empty, until I save more : )

utensil storage

I love how you can reuse so many random things. here in my lovely desk drawer (which was passed down from my grannie) is an utensil storage organizer thing. this is very helpful, especially with my organizing habit, and doesn’t cost much at all if you don’t have one laying around the house.


just some thoughts I wanted to share, and maybe one day when we have a wonderful house, I can take over an entire room and go crazy!! ahh I can just see it now. : )

storage again how awesome is this. (got this from container store website)

peace and love

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