weekend photos

Category: baby, everyday | July 18th, 2011

took a tiny road trip with P this past weekend…which was kind of challenging by yourself when she wants your attention 24/7. i even had an entire bag of just toys and pacis for her to hand one by one as she plays with it, shakes it, chews on it, and then throws it across the car onto the floor. haha oh man. so just a few stops and an extra hour added to the 4 hours and yay we made it! ;) we did make at least 2 new friends at every stop we made. lol. she cracks me up. we spent lots of time with family and loved every bit of it!!

1– chillin at starbucks
2, 3– swimming with her sweet cousins
4– brother bonding with P
5– watching grover
6– sweet bubba
7– afternoon snooze with daddy

excited for this week. we have another road trip coming up for a wedding! yay! happy monday!!