weekend fun

Category: everyday | July 5th, 2011

well i hope everyone had a fabulous independence day! we had a great weekend with lots of people. we took the youth group camping friday night over at a park near our house (which worked out perfectly because P and i came back home to sleep in our comfy bed with nice a/c and real bathrooms.) :) It was fun grilling with the kids and of course had to eat some smores. since there’s a burn ban and all that craziness going on, we couldn’t even do charcoal fires for the food so the mister went and brought our massive propane grill from home just so we can grill outside. lol. P even got her little toes wet in the lake. :)

camping sure wore them out. lol. we also had a nice afternoon with family and P got to see 3 of her cousins who love her so much. they are super cute (unfortunately didn’t take any pics). and of course no 4th of july is complete without fireworks so some friends of ours came and picked us up and we traveled to another city to eat dinner and watch them. P enjoyed her first fireworks show! did some more grilling, because again, no 4th is complete without grilling something, and hung out and enjoyed our freedom. ;)

i managed to get in some quality quilt time. although most of it was spent on measuring, cutting, and pressing more squares. i think i did about 300 last night. ugh…not the most fun part, but oh well. it’s coming along though. :) P just went to sleep so it’s time for more sewing!

ps. getting my hair done tomorrow….SO excited. haven’t gotten my hair cut since before P was born. much needed! AND her auntie beth is coming to play with her. can’t wait!