weekend fun

Category: everyday | June 5th, 2011

this weekend has been a super busy, but fun one. well, no fun not getting enough sleep…but worth it.

almost our entire youth group graduated this year…sad day, but super excited about their future! P did awesome during the whole ceremony which was long! friday night we had a dear friend’s birthday dinner (with no baby). first time to leave baby girl at night. i totally had our babysitter text me pictures throughout the night. haha (yes, i’m that person). we also had a youth group car wash to raise money for camp next week! it was at chick fil a, which is my fav place ever, so it was nice to have breakfast and lunch there…and not to mention lots of refills of their sweet tea. lol. and today we had church and afterwards a baptism picnic where 18 people got baptized in the river!! that’s pretty awesome since our church is small. :) super busy weekend! whew. next week is going to be JUST as busy! for reals. i’m excited.

ps…i laid down the pieces that i have sewn for the quilt on a queen size blanket…let’s just say i have a looooong way to go. ha.

pps…penny pants now knows how to blow raspberries. she does it all the time. ha so cute. and so much slobber.