tulle cutting short cut

Category: DIY | October 28th, 2011

for all those out there who want to make these amazing no sew tutus (there are tons and tons of “tuturials,” so i didn’t do one) BUT i wanted to share this little, but amazing, short cut on cutting the strips of tulle. i first saw it here. it’s genius (and if you already knew this then you are even cooler).

take a piece of cardboard and cut it to the size of what length/width you want. i did mine 6in wide x 8in long. (for itty bitty tutus you don’t want them too long esp if they are crawling, so when i fold them in half and tie them on the elastic/ribbon they are a little less than 8inches.)

so wrap it around the cardboard however many times you need it (i use the spools that are already cut 6in. life saver). wrap it with a rubber band to hold it in place and cut down ONE side. i used an exacto knife. worked great. and there you have it! tons and tons of tulle in the same length.

just thought i’d share with y’all in case you want to make one and don’t like going crazy over cutting tulle. :)