tomorrow is a new day

Category: everyday | April 1st, 2013

i am excited for this week. i’m ready for a new week. this past weekend was actually really great. lots of family time and of course celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord…but other than that last week was a rough one. just lots of little things going on that all built up and our whole house was a hot mess. from two year molars coming in to our washing machine not working to all of us getting sick at one point and of course not enough sleep. i’m pretty sure i asked for patience about 20 times a day. you get the idea. so yes…tomorrow is a new day. my sister told me that the other day after i vented to her via text. (you’re the best sis!) it’s so true though. and i was/am grateful. so if you’re every having a super crappy day and things just aren’t going well for you just remember…tomorrow is a new day…and God loves you! ;)

here’s to a new week! and hello april!