a short nap kind of day

Category: everyday | July 19th, 2012

today was an off day. any time miss P doesn’t get a good nap (as in only 30 minutes compared to her 2-3 hour nap) then that makes it an off day. ha. i try not to let it be but it usually is. she’s tired-i’m tired-i didn’t get anything done while she napped (because we were driving in the car). sigh. oh well. what can you do? she did go down for the night before the sunset (never happens!) also, i did manage to keep up with my daily cleaning chore for the week. i am determined to make this house more clean than it usually is…and that is challenging with an always on the go toddler and a tired/pregnant mama. ;) i made a new list this past week of the daily chores and so far i have kept up with it. i’m pretty proud of myself. am i more worn out than usual? yes. but we have a cleaner home (and that makes the mister happier). since he has seen more of an effort in my cleaning, he is talking more about decorating the house. ummm…yay/finally! :) so in the middle of thinking of ideas to decorate our house, i’m also rearranging rooms and reorganizing things like crazy. i might be overwhelming myself. so instead of cleaning/reorganizing i am sitting here and writing an actual post, which i haven’t done in awhile.

on a side note: i have officially completed my “mood board” for my new blog design! i’ve been inspired by so many other bloggers, it’s hard to come up with a final decision. so now that that’s done, hopefully things will get going! i’m ready for a new look.

and on another side note: it’s miss P’s half birthday today! we celebrated by going to my midwife appointment and then ikea! ha. i think i want to bake a cake or something for her tomorrow. i’m so going to be that mom who celebrates the half birthdays. nothing big/no presents. just an excuse to bake a cake and eat it!:)