time for one more party…

Category: everyday | December 31st, 2009

ok so my 10 days of vacation from the blog are coming to an end….but i am excited to get back in the groove! i had a fabulous Christmas with all my family. spent so much time with them…it was amazing. i sure hope everyone had just as great of a time as i did. :) my family knows me well and got me lots of craft related things. smiles. can’t wait to get started on everything.
i am so happy to say that i accomplished one of my goals. mom and dad got me a box full of yarn and goodies AND mom taught me how to knit. learning how to knit on the couch while it was (somewhat) snowing outside= :) i feel like i opened up a whole new door to crafting. ha. in love.
more to come very very soon, BUT off to prepare for the youth new year’s party tonight! yay for 2010. everyone be super safe but have tons of fun! see y’all next year!!

peace and love