the lovely to-do list

Category: everyday | May 17th, 2012

so do y’all ever have those days where you don’t finish everything on your to-do list?? yea…i’ve been having those days every day for quite some time now. it’s getting old. ha. it’s not that my list is overwhelming either. it’s just i simply don’t have the energy for those every day things. like laundry. thankfully the mister helped me “as a mother’s day gift” with all the 4 loads that were so nicely piled around our room. SO glad that is over with.

i’ll tell you what i have accomplished though (keeping positive right?). ;) i have caught up on all my shows and have slept throughout the nights (and during the days with miss P) like it’s my job. i used to only need 6ish hours of sleep and i’d be golden. but now…i’m pretty sure i sleep 10 hours every night. i’m not sure if i should be proud of that, but at least i’m doing what my body is telling me. ;)

i think i need to take another approach to my daily to-do list and just be happy that i get at least one thing done on it! i already did my one thing today so we’re doing good so far! so here’s to more productive days! hope y’alls are more productive than mine. :)