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Category: everyday | March 8th, 2010

knitted band
so i feel like i have neglected my blog. sad day. i kind of stress out when i don’t post something. lol. is that normal?? well since i didn’t have my machine for a few days, i knitted! i felt like the knitting lady. literally taking my yarn with me everywhere…i loved it. here are a couple of lovelies i made!
knitted band
knitted band
i pretty much just knitted the entire band….and knitted and knitted. 15 stitches across. :) for beginners like me it takes some time, especially with lots of distractions.
knitted band
when i felt it was snug enough, i sewed the edges together.
knitted flower
the “flower” is just a braided strand that i wrapped around and sewed it on the band. easy!!
knitted bow
knitted bow
my first attempt at a knitted bow! *smiles*
knitted bow
i just knitted the band…again to fit my head and sewed the edges together. this one was only 3 stitches across.
knitted bow
i busted out with the knit and purl action on the bow! 25 across and 10 rows. that took more concentration on my part. i caught myself knitting one or two when i was on a purl row. lol. need to work on that. then knitted another small strand to wrap around and hand stitched that on since it was too thick to put through my machine.
knitted bow
these are perfect for bad hair days….or lazy days. been wearing one all day today. :)

peace and love

  • trina

    love the thick orange band w flower…super cute…you got talent my friend

  • Nicole

    Can you explain a little more in detail how you made the flower on the first headband?? I’m super interested.. thanks!

  • ashley

    Love this headband–so crafty!
    Would love for you to link up to my Headband Link party over at Little Miss Momma! Here’s the link:

  • ashley

    Seriously I NEED one of these! I am in love with them–no joke! I need to learn to knit!!! thanks for linking up to LMM Headband Week!

    You rock!

    I will for sure be featuring you, so stay tuned!

  • ashley

    You were featured today!

  • Daniela Keane

    Do you sell these headbands??

  • Lisa

    They’re super cool, I’m just starting out knitting so I think I might have a go at something like these myself. Thanks for the inspiration

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  • Bella

    Amazing piece of art indeed! Gosh I
    would love to make one of this too! My daughters would definitely be in love
    and just wouldn’t get enough of them. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

    Bella Goggins