teach my toddler

Category: baby | May 30th, 2012

there were a lot of things that i wanted to be growing up and one of them was a teacher. (i wasn’t as hardcore as my sister though). ;) technically you can say that i am a teacher now since i’m the kid’s church pastor at our church but that’s different since i only see them once a week. i also tried to be a “teacher” to my 3 nieces when i was their nanny for a year…but it was a little challenging since they were on three different levels/attention spans. hah. it was fun though. hopefully they learned a thing or two.

i came across this nifty little kit online at Teach My and it seemed like a lot of fun (not to mention the mister has been on me to teach our child something for quite some time now. throw in some eye rolling and head shaking). :) so i ordered the 18-36 month kit and it came yesterday! i feel like i should set up shop and have a little classroom going on with laminated posters and a chalkboard. that would be awesome! hmmmm. :) we haven’t officially started yet but i let miss P pick out a section and we explored it for a little bit. i’m so excited to challenge her little brain and have some fun with this kit!

in this Teach My Toddler Kit they have four sections nicely organized for you. alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. in each section they have a puzzle, poster chart, book, and flash cards. they even have a little parent’s guide to help you get started with some tips. they have other age group kits as well or you can just get certain sections of the kit separately.

**this is not a sponsored post. i just thought this kit was such a neat idea and wanted to share with everyone else who might be interested too! :) what other tools/activities do you use with your toddlers?