it’s not too late

Category: everyday | January 10th, 2013

it’s not too late to start some new years resolutions and goals! i just got this book that i ordered the other day and i am super excited to get started. it’s a 5 year memory book where you can write a line a day for the entire year. i got the idea from love taza and thought it would be such a neat idea (and fun/easy goal to keep up with). i am writing one thought per day….one thought. i can handle that. anyone can handle that! but how cool is it going to be to look back each year and see what one thought i had that day, that year. i think that’s pretty cool. ;) ¬†AND it’s a pretty good deal over on amazon (and prime for all you prime people!) ;)

so it’s been a over week in 2013….how many of y’all have kept up with your resolutions?! :) sadly…i didn’t even make it one day since we all got sick. i said, it’s not too late so i will be starting over now that i am almost feeling like my normal self. so here i go. :)