Category: everyday | November 8th, 2012

i finally got around to finishing “the guide to child birth” by ina may gaskin. great read. it was just what i needed to really get focused on this birth. there were some parts that i briefly skimmed over such as a lot of the statistics she provides. it is interesting to know all the information but i felt like i didn’t need to focus on those numbers…since i am a firm believer in midwifery already. ;) **now i am reading and re-reading my affirmations all the time. they really work people! i have some of the same ones from when i was pregnant with miss P and then some new ones. it helps to write them on notecards and put them all over the house too.
watching: the mister and i watched “moonrise kingdom” the other day. i saw a lot of bloggers who i follow mention this movie so clearly i had to jump on the band wagon and check it out. ;) i liked it. it strangely reminded me of fantastic mr. fox…which is another awesome movie.
listening to: my sweet first child and her ever growing vocabulary. she cracks me up with all of these new words she is saying. i’m loving it. and i’m loving our conversations that we have. ha. and not to mention it’s getting easier and easier to communicate with her which is always a plus. :)
eating: anything really. i haven’t had many cravings lately. but apparently i am eating well enough to keep gaining appropriate weight for this baby…which gives my midwife another reason for thinking i will be either on time or later. umm…i’ll take on time. :) (countdown=2 weeks!)
thankful for: a much better report at my last midwife’s appointment. if you remember my iron count was pretty low and i was really feeling the effects. but i am proud to say that i raised my iron count by almost 2 points!! that’s a lot people. it was worth taking all that gross supplements and extra vitamins. now the baby’s happy and i’m happy and feeling better.
anticipating: labor. ha. that sounds weird right? i am though. i can say we are pretty much ready for this baby to come. i finally finished getting all the last minute baby things that are needed for the home birth. that is a big load off my shoulders. there’s a few more things that need to be done but i lovingly gave those “to-dos” to the mister since i was feeling a bit overwhelmed. i love the idea of not knowing when it’s all going to happen. it is a little bit more challenging now that we have miss P to think about as well but i know that everything will work out and God is in control!


Category: everyday | October 23rd, 2012

i borrowed a copy of Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Child Birth and am loving it. this book is not only educational but it’s helping me get my mind set and focus straight. i have been meaning to work on that and so i am thankful for this book and it’s ability to get me prepped for this baby! i highly recommend this book to expecting mamas…whether you are choosing to go natural or not. lots of great information. i’m pretty sure my midwife could write a book like this. she has just as much years of experience and births as Gaskin too. ;) (thanks noelle/sarah for letting me borrow this!)
eating: trying to eat more iron rich foods. at my last midwife appt i found out i was anemic. :( so along with lots of fun supplements and vitamins to help with that i am trying to eat better too. sigh. this baby is sucking all the iron out of me so i need to step things up pronto! any yummy suggestions??
watching: we watched Baby Mama last night. definitely one of my all time favorite movies. even the mister likes it. he even randomly quoted it the other day. yes! i love him. :) did you know Tina Fey has a daughter named Penelope too! (and no that’s not why we named miss P that). ;) i’m slowly but surely catching up on all the new episodes that have started this season. since we don’t have tv i just watch them on hulu..usually right before bed. i’m tempted to start some new series that have come out this year….but i’m pretty sure i don’t need another show to get addicted to! what are you favorites??
creating: i have finally started miss P’s halloween costume. we have a couple of things this weekend she can wear it to so i need to finish it pretty soon. i’m pretty much just making the skirt and dyeing a couple of things so it shouldn’t hopefully won’t take me too long. ;) she’s going to be a peacock! (and yes i found the tutorial on pinterest..thank you!)
anticipating: setting up all the baby stuff around the house. :) this baby is one day closer to making his/her entrance into this world. eeek! thrilled. we are still working on getting organized too. one day at a time! there’s still some little things that haven’t been fully determined but those things can wait and aren’t worth stressing over. :)
thankful for: my sweet MIL and friends who have been willing to watch miss P while we go to our birthing classes, doctor visits, hair appts, etc…everything i’m trying to fit in that’s not kid friendly before the newest baby comes. i am very blessed with such sweet friends and family!
happy about: things that i can check off on my massive before baby comes to do list! i feel like i am adding new things everyday. and not fun stuff. like oil changes, car inspections, loads of laundry, lots of cleaning/sterilizing around the house (since this will be a home birth)….the list goes on. and again, one thing at a time. so yes i am happy about checking those things off my list! (ummm ellenor, when are you coming into town again?? haha jk) ;)

so what about you guys?? i’d love to hear what y’all are up to currently. leave a link in the comments so everyone can check it out! :)

wednesday randomness

Category: everyday | October 3rd, 2012

happy wednesday everyone! ¬†here’s a little randomness for your day. i’m loving my new print i got from the lovely ashley g. as you know i am still slowly but surely covering up blank spaces on the walls. the mister helped me with a wall project the other weekend and i’m hoping to get another wall done this weekend (i’ll post about that in a bit). and yes they are pinterest inspired. story of my life. ¬†;)

we went to our neighborhood “national night out” event last night. do y’all have that? it’s like a big block party at our park. i love it. the weather was ah-mazing! we hung out with some friends, chatted with the sister in law, and even met lots of new people. miss P had a great time and i actually had some conversations with other adults. (thanks love!)

my parents got us a double jogging stroller and had it sent to our house this past weekend. is it weird that that massive box made this baby seem more real!? lol. i know i still have a little bit of time….but then again i don’t. (i’ll be 33 weeks tomorrow! and slacking on the belly pics again. oops). i made a goal to have all the newborn stuff at least down from the attic by 35 weeks and then spending the next couple weeks getting it all set up/washed/organized. i have a slight feeling this baby will be a teeny bit early (miss P was one day early). but who knows…he/she might come late. but i hope not. i’m already feeling rather large. our morning walks are getting a little harder, but i must.keep.going. those walks/social time with my friends have helped so much this pregnancy. (thank you ladies!) i didn’t really exercise at all with P and i can definitely tell the difference. so all you pregnant mamas out there…get your exercise on!

and i am super happy to report that i taught myself how to crochet. the super super basics, but still. that has been on my goal list for a year and i finally made some time to learn. a simple 5 minute youtube video did the trick. i don’t regret learning but man it has taken all of my free time and more. it’s so addicting.

*side note: i am still getting used to writing about more “personal” things. i wrote up this whole post, and then deleted it. i thought to myself…who wants to read about this? it’s nothing fancy just my life. but you know…oh well. i’m going to write about my awesome life and see if anyone else reads it! ha anyone else feel that way??