Category: everyday | November 8th, 2012

i finally got around to finishing “the guide to child birth” by ina may gaskin. great read. it was just what i needed to really get focused on this birth. there were some parts that i briefly skimmed over such as a lot of the statistics she provides. it is interesting to know all the information but i felt like i didn’t need to focus on those numbers…since i am a firm believer in midwifery already. ;) **now i am reading and re-reading my affirmations all the time. they really work people! i have some of the same ones from when i was pregnant with miss P and then some new ones. it helps to write them on notecards and put them all over the house too.
watching: the mister and i watched “moonrise kingdom” the other day. i saw a lot of bloggers who i follow mention this movie so clearly i had to jump on the band wagon and check it out. ;) i liked it. it strangely reminded me of fantastic mr. fox…which is another awesome movie.
listening to: my sweet first child and her ever growing vocabulary. she cracks me up with all of these new words she is saying. i’m loving it. and i’m loving our conversations that we have. ha. and not to mention it’s getting easier and easier to communicate with her which is always a plus. :)
eating: anything really. i haven’t had many cravings lately. but apparently i am eating well enough to keep gaining appropriate weight for this baby…which gives my midwife another reason for thinking i will be either on time or later. umm…i’ll take on time. :) (countdown=2 weeks!)
thankful for: a much better report at my last midwife’s appointment. if you remember my iron count was pretty low and i was really feeling the effects. but i am proud to say that i raised my iron count by almost 2 points!! that’s a lot people. it was worth taking all that gross supplements and extra vitamins. now the baby’s happy and i’m happy and feeling better.
anticipating: labor. ha. that sounds weird right? i am though. i can say we are pretty much ready for this baby to come. i finally finished getting all the last minute baby things that are needed for the home birth. that is a big load off my shoulders. there’s a few more things that need to be done but i lovingly gave those “to-dos” to the mister since i was feeling a bit overwhelmed. i love the idea of not knowing when it’s all going to happen. it is a little bit more challenging now that we have miss P to think about as well but i know that everything will work out and God is in control!

new design = time…and a few photos

Category: everyday | September 5th, 2012

1. fav summer treat
2. latest order from PLC (my fav thing to make)
3. the mister preaching at church
4. P and her sweet friend
5. huge longhorn in our neighbor’s yard
6. P trying on her first dress up outfit (thanks aunt jeni!)

we have been in the finishing stages of the new design layout of the blog and i was told the best thing to do is to not write any new posts for a bit. it’s been a bit. ;) i am still here and alive. lots has been going on. excited to share all my posts i have lined up. is it weird that i am wanting to wait until the new blog goes live to publish the posts?? lol. well i figured i should write a little update and just say hi.

i think i can finally say we have gotten back into our daily/weekly routines here now that we have been back from our road trip. man, that took awhile to recover from….and i think coming home to 100 degree weather after having a nice break from it was harder than i thought too. haha. you would think after all these years of crazy summer heat that i would be used to it. (it’s different when you’re pregnant!) :)

well i will wait until the new blog is live to post more stories and events…and a few giveaways!!?? what? i’m going all out on this. haha. (ps…if any friends/companies would like to be a part of a giveaway on the new blog then let me know!) :):)