polyvore love.

Category: everyday | February 22nd, 2010
save it for a rainy day
i just discovered polyvore, and i LOVE it. this beats window shopping! this is my first attempt at a collection! :) i’ll be back with a winner of the giveaway! off to grocery shop for our new “diet.” more to come on that as well. should be interesting :)
peace and love

lovin on some boots

Category: everyday | February 5th, 2010

i am working on some old boots of mine…trying to give it some TLC so i’ve been inspired by fun boots lately.

Picture 1
[source…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11]

i’ll post the boots tomorrow! i have some other shoes that could use some love, maybe i’ll work on those too! yay friday!!!

peace and love

every girl needs a tutu.

Category: DIY | January 10th, 2010

just a few pics that are inspirational…i made these for some of my nieces. :) can’t be too girlie. and thanks to my mom who gave me tons of tulle to work with. leftover tulle will be in future projects. hmm…
pink and purple tutu
orange and white tutu
baby tutu
purple tutu
orange and pink tutu
i heart my nieces. they seem to enjoy the other toys too. :)
alphabet bean bags
plush blocks
sweet face
precious. i get to see this face quite a bit now. :)

had a great weekend. super busy, long hours, but totally worth it. painted the new youth room (yellow, orange, brown, and light blue), and hopefully will get the kid’s church room painted soon. neck is a little sore. lol church was great. i heart sundays. excited for this week to come. it’s going to be a good week.

OOOOOH and style school started today!!!! ahhh i’m going to be extra busy now for the next 6 weeks!!!

peace and love

old meets new

Category: DIY | October 20th, 2009

so I have a ton of random clothing articles that do not fit or just need some TLC. here are the lucky contestants this time….

what do you get when you mix an old shirt that is too short and an old but clean fitted bed sheet???
molly panda was curious too…

TADA!!! a lil cutting, some seaming, more cutting, seam ripping, more sewing…and there ya go. : ) I am in need of brushing up on my sewing skills. but this was fun, and I was super excited because the waste band of the fitted sheet was already done. I am all about the short cuts.

pocketribbon edge
some more random fabric which made a lovely pocket and I even lined the bottom of the sheet with ribbon for fun!  : ) (and yes, it was fun. ha) threw in some lace to spice it up too.


I have more leftover fitted and flat sheets and tons of old shirts….hmmmm what to do next??

peace and love

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Category: DIY | October 13th, 2009

meet betty! she’s a brightly colored, fun, and exciting…headband. : )

Autumn, over at Cinnamon Sticks, and I spent a lovely morning together with crafts and coffee. coffee makes crafting better.  we had our inspiration from another feather headband over at Craftstylish. but we decided to skip the sewing parts, and we did not have any buckram (still not sure what that even is). we used the oh so helpful felt as our platform. then glued on some feathers and a cool button or two or three and poof! you have a betty!

betty1back of betty

you can wear it like a traditional headband or if you are in a 20’s mood around the forehead. either way it looks fab!

betty2 betty3

this is clearly an every day accessory…clearly. be sure to check out Cinnamon Sticks to see her fun color scheme too! have a fabulous day!!!

peace and love

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