nesting mode

Category: everyday | September 30th, 2013

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So you don’t need to be super pregnant to have the nesting bug hit you. Preparing for Ruby’s surgery has got me running around the house doing the most random projects ever. I want things to be organized and ready for when we get to bring her back home….and get back on track with our lives. It’s going to be hard and challenging and tiring for a bit but we will find our groove again. I am excited about that….already thinking about how Ruby’s hair will grow back and how I won’t be super paranoid about her hitting her head on everything like she does now. Oh my goodness. She is going to be just as clumsy as Penelope who is just as clumsy as me. (Sorry girls). :)

Well we had Ruby’s pre op appointment last Thursday and man I am glad that is over with! The nurses were amazing! Already love them. But the part where we had to hold sweet (and VERY strong) Ruby down so they could draw blood from her tiny, tiny vein was a.w.f.u.l. There may or may not have been tears in my eyes. She screamed the loudest I have ever heard her. And I thought to myself…this is just her getting blood drawn…can’t imagine what pain she will be in after surgery. So let’s not think about that.

After they finished sweet Ru was so happy…and so were we! The rest of the appointment went well. More questions answered and more words of encouragement. They call her surgeons the “Dream Team.” I love it.

Today I took Ruby grocery shopping while Penelope stayed home with the mister and I realized this was the last time I was going to take her to the store with all her hair and no massive scar. I stared at her a lot more…a good/happy stare. ;) I realized that the next time I take the girls out in public it will be a bit different. A few more second glances. But you know, it won’t bother me. A few years ago it probably would have. I am going to embrace her awesome scar (and perfectly round head)! I even thought about dressing her up as Frankenstein for halloween! :)

I have felt so encouraged and loved by so many people lately. I have some amazing friends and family…and even strangers (friends of friends) who are lifting us up in prayer! God is good. :) I am not sure how to describe how I feel in words…for all the love and how grateful we are for everyone and everything. Every little facebook comment, hand written letter, text message, baked cookies, home cooked meals, etc….means so much. I know I have not told everyone thank you individually, but I plan on it! Y’all deserve it.