sneak peek

Category: everyday | February 26th, 2011

here’s a little sneak peek of what i’ve been working on. :) did i ever tell you that i love felt. felt is amazing. i just ordered some fancy felt from etsy and am super excited to get it!! lots of fun colors.

my goal with this felt….to open an etsy shop. sigh. i have been saying this for months now, but just haven’t gotten around to it. i have had some extra motivation lately so let’s see if that gets me somewhere. i don’t have a timeline goal just yet…but i’ll let you know!

have a great weekend!!!

peace and love

more fun finds

Category: everyday | October 15th, 2010

awhile back husband and i went on a family weekend trip to his grandparent’s lodge. amazing weekend, and also got to pick lots of fun fabric from his grandma. they already gave away a lot of her stuff (sad day) but i did find some neat fabric.
how fun are all these colors and patterns?!
love these embroidery pieces! i want to hang them on my wall!
some cute dinner napkins
lots of fun pieces! i can see these being used for straps on purses or bags!
this number is huge! love it
a bucket full of lace and other ornate pieces!
annnd can’t forget about my grannie’s big bag full of hundreds of fabric squares…i mean hundreds!! can’t wait to do something with those!

this pile should keep me busy for quite awhile. now….what to make with all this?!!?

peace and love

fun finds

Category: everyday | October 11th, 2010

since we moved into our house my parents have happily given me allllll of my boxes of “stuff” that have been hanging out in their attic for years. it was a lot. i had a HUGE trash pile, medium giveaway pile, and a small keep pile. well i think it’s small, but i’m sure husband would say it’s not. :) found LOTS of funny notes and random things i kept, but i did come across some fun vintage things!!
jewelry box
thinking this is a jewelry box, but it will hold some fun goodies in my studio. it’s so pretty.
LOVE this super cute wallet. haven’t switched over to it yet but will do! it’s a fun orange color inside too.

we don’t have many thrift stores or vintage places around me (or at least not that i know of just yet) so i don’t get to go hunting. so i was uber excited to find these!

peace and love

10 super cute finds!

Category: everyday | August 25th, 2010

1. this fun necklace from Petti Bear.
2. how cute is this doll? from Toys dreams.
3. love this cuff from Ponder and Stitch. i want them all.
4. super cute pillow cover from secdus. :)
5. adorable plush owl from gush4plush.
6. these would look pretty good in my kitchen from Oh Dear Watson.
7. how fun is this glasses holder from Art Akimbo.
8. cute mini felt bowls from Blackbird design house.
9. comfy looking slippers by broken hallelujah.
10. love this set from Luncheonette vintage.

yay! fun stuff. have a great wednesday!!

peace and love