sunday, sunday

Category: everyday | January 17th, 2010

so besides the fact that i might have only gotten an hour of sleep last night, today was amazing. my allergies have been acting up like it’s their job and for some reason i have a hard time breathing through my mouth when i sleep. so long story short, i went through lots of tissues, sneezed myself awake several times, and have chapped lips. lol. but like i said today was awesome.

worship, kid’s church (in the new room!), lunch, hanging with hubby, more church with friends, dinner with friends and family. thought i’d share. :) here’s a new addition to my studio i’d like to share with ya. (ps….i’m calling it my studio even though it’s just a corner and part of a wall at the moment….not much space at the moment, but i am definitely thankful for what i got)pom poms
i love my lil pom pom flowers.
pom pom flowers
not the best lighting, but they make me smile. (maybe tomorrow during the day i can get a better pic)

another thing i love. my lil succulent plant i got last year. this baby was about 4 inches in diameter when i first got it at a local festival. and nooooow it’s about a foot in diameter!!! i am not the best “gardener” but i sure am proud of this plant. she’s blossomed so nicely.
i had a name for her when i first got her. yes, i name my plants. but i forgot. ugh, bad mom. what should i call her?!?! :)
oooone more thing i’d like to share. my molly panda just turned 13!!! ooh man. old lady to the max. but she is still going strong. acts like she’s still a puppy. we are going to have a lil celebration for her. ha
molly panda

dog pillow
i did get here this super cute doggie pillow. it’s purple…the best part. she’s never had a pillow like this soooo clearly she’s not on the pillow right here because she doesn’t know what to think of it. :) but you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks. she’s a smart one. sooo next pic of her…she will be on it. (hopefully)


that’s all for now. had a great time tonight. looking forward to being with my nieces tomorrow and then my mocha monday girls. busy day. i’m going to post my tree creation that i put up last night. it’s kind of funny. have a great night!!!

peace and love