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Category: everyday | June 22nd, 2011

first off….look at all that hair!!! haha. you can only see it in the sun. but it’s there! so exciting. ha :)

ever since camp a couple weeks ago (where i didn’t have my computer all week) i still have not gotten back into my blogging schedule. i never really had a legit schedule but i mean like actually posting more than once a week at least. i have noticed that i have been playing with P a lot more. i play with her 24/7 pretty much, but i mean like really giving her my 110%. it has been even more fun with her. she is a goof! but i do miss my blogging and just writing random things that you nice folk find somewhat interesting to read. ;) i need to take advantage of her nap time…but lately there has not been long enough nap times. oh man.

(she’s totally checking herself out in the mirrors…i don’t do that at all, right dad??) haha
i am still working on the quilt. i’ve decided to make it my goal (a pretty reasonable goal i think) to have it done by the time winter comes around. haha. i think i can, i think i can! also…the mister and i have been talking more about home decor. it has been almost a year since we moved into our house. and it’s still a house….not a home. but i think we will be getting things going here pretty soon. so i am sooooooooo excited about that. P and i did take a trip to check out paint colors…so much to choose from

P got a hold of one. she loved that color apparently. ha.

  • Liz

    Love the smiles! Don’t worry Penny, I didn’t have hair until I was around a year old…it all turns out ok!

  • Melissa Vines

    Look at that sweet peach fuzz on her head! I love it! Lyric doesn’t much to speak of either but it’s so soft. I love rubbing my hand over it. Let’s freeze time okay?! :)

  • Amanda

    Good luck with your home improvement, too! And with the blogging. :)

  • danielle

    she is such a cutie pie!! love that she is getting some hairs :)

  • Katelyn

    Ohh, such an adorable baby! Yay for home improvement days!