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Category: DIY | February 6th, 2010

blue boots

so i have a pair of boots that i have had for quite some time now, and they are WHITE. i mean white. ha. i am pretty sure i have not worn them too much because they are just…white. not hating on white, but i guess it’s just not my color.
really white boots
before shot of the boots. i heart them. i got them in london when i was interning with a fashion designer…la petite salope…so they are precious to me and i didn’t want to get rid of them even if i didn’t ever wear them. haha. there’s the pack rat in me.

step 1: so first off i did some taping around the bottom part of the shoe. all i had was duct tape, which works great. i figured there wasn’t a pretty way to go about doing this but i tried. in fact my hubby called it ghetto. so call it what you want…it still works. :)
ghetto duct tape

step 2: more taping. i taped the inside of the shoe just in case…again, doesn’t have to look pretty.

more ghetto duct tape

step 3: since my boots are flimsy i stuck some random newspaper that i had laying around for stuff like this to make it stay propped up.
before shot

step 4: shake up the spray paint for a bit…test it out on some newspaper to make sure. put on some fun music and then go for it!!
spray painting

step 5: i did one side at a time, but you can do it all at once. let it dry…the can says about 10-12 minutes to dry but depends on the surface and how much paint you spray. if you feel they need another coat then spray away.
spray paint boots

step 6: once they are dry, you can take out the newspaper and take off the duct tape and yay! brand new shoes that i will actually wear! :)
blue boots
blue boots
blue boots
blue boots

i have more shoes that are going to get makeovers with spray paint! stay tuned!! i am going to go out and enjoy my new shoes! have a great saturday!!

peace and love