sponsor spotlight: the pepper and her pups

Category: guest bloggers | February 28th, 2011

i’m happy to introduce another crafty mama to PLC. liz over at the pepper and her pups has a love for crafty things too! check out her blog and shop!!

tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a stay at home mama to our beautiful and lively 11 month old daughter Adrienne and furry son Tator. I always have to start my day off with an intense workout and a good ol’ cup of coffee or all else fails. I recently started my own shop Pepper & Her Pups Designs to capture my love for crafts/hair accessories & jewelry for both women and their tots. When I’m not busy crafting (which only happens during nap times and/or late at night), you’ll more then likely find us outside taking in the fresh air, roaming around a local flew market, or just spending some peaceful quality family time together.

what’s the story behind the pepper and her pups?
It’s an inside joke that came about quite a few years ago. Pepper is the nickname a friend gave to me when we were all out for dinner one night and someone tried to tell me I had a piece of pepper above my lip, when in reality it was my teeny tiny beauty mark that I’ve always had. So when I was throwing around ideas in my head one day, Pepper & Her Pups came about & the rest is history!

what inspires you?
Our daughter is a huge inspiration to me everyday, I’m constantly playing around with different styles and techniques for all of our shop items that I would absolutely love to see her wear and have fun with.

what’s your favorite part about your blog?
I love that it’s a huge creative outlet that I can keep all of my favorite diy projects together for future reference and capture all of our family moments to always look back on.

what’s the most challenging part?
Trying to find time to blog and comment on others is a tad tricky on days that are pure hectic for us. I don’t make blogging something that I feel I HAVE to do, it’s always been and always will be something fun and relaxing to take on. So whenever I have a moment to myself is when I get online and catch up with everything and if I don’t happen to have the time one or two days out of the week, then I just don’t sweat it!

any advice for others who want to start a blog?
I would have to say make sure that your passionate about what your doing and to always make sure your having fun with it! The last thing you want to do is feel like your blog is taking over or that it’s a hassle of any kind. Play around with some fund designs on Picnik to make your own header if you don’t have the expense to get a professionals help and stay true to yourself. There is such an amazing community of wonderful and inspirational ladies out there in blog land, so don’t be shy and join us:)

any special goals you have set?
I don’t really like to set any type of goals because I always end up forgetting about them in the mix of things. So it’s just better if I do everything a little spontaneously.

just for fun: what’s something that most people don’t know about you?
Most people don’t know that my name is actually spelled Lizabeth instead of the traditional Elizabeth. Even long time friends from school never put two and two together since I have always gone by Liz.

those are some cute pics of Adrienne. :) looking forward to seeing what other cute things you’ll make. thanks for being a sponsor!
happy monday!!

peace and love