sponsor spotlight: the knit owl

Category: guest bloggers | March 4th, 2011

i have another love sponsor that i want to show off. meet amby over at the knit owl! she also has a fabulous etsy shop!! check it out!

what’s the story behind the knit owl?

About 5 years ago I started knitting. It was something I’d wanted to learn for the longest time, but couldn’t find anyone to teach me. I finally bought some books and watched YouTube videos and taught myself! It inspired me to start sewing again. I started making gifts for friends, then discovered Etsy and next thing you know I had a shop and was signing up for every craft show I could find! It has been a fun creative outlet for me. The name is a play on words, since I would always stay up late working…”night owl”. :-)

what inspires you?
Vintage fabric and beautiful yarns! There’s nothing like stumbling upon a box of vintage fabric at an estate sale! It immediately makes me want to sit down and make something.

what’s your favorite part about your shop?
I like being able to connect directly with customers, whether it’s a custom order or even just feedback someone has left for me. It always encourages me to keep creating.

what’s the most challenging part?
Just keeping up with it! I have a 7 month old and that has definitely made it more difficult. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance things. There’s always something new I want to make, but I have to be ok with not being able to do it all!

any advice for others who want to start an etsy shop?
Be sure you enjoy making whatever you create. If it takes off, you’ll be making a lot of it!!

any special goals you have set?
I finally started a new blog! I used to blog all the time, then life sorta got in the way! I’ve been trying to get one going again for awhile now. www.theknitowl.wordpress.com

just for fun: what’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I love cooking and baking. I keep a journal of recipes that I make up. Sometimes they don’t turn out so great, sometimes they do! Either way it’s fun.

thanks so much amby! love your name! and the background to the knit owl’s name too…and your stuff, and your boy! haha. thanks for your sponsor!

peace and love