sponsor spotlight: sewing cafe

Category: guest bloggers | February 24th, 2011

another lovely sponsor to share on this lovely thursday. lynne over at sewing cafe has had tons of experience with making things! learn more about her and then go visit her blog for more! 

tell us a little about yourself:

I was born and raised in California, the youngest of 3 girls.  My mother taught me to sew at a very young age, first by hand and then on a treadle machine.  After high school I attended FIDM in Los Angeles earning a degree in Fashion Design but my love for the theatre combined with my sewing skills led me to opening a business in Hollywood constructing costumes for theatre and film.  Currently I work as a dressmaker, costume replicator and  sewing instructor.  My husband is a sculptor and we both work from our home based studios in Northern Wi.  I have a beautiful daughter now off on her own, who is a constant source of joy and inspiration to me.

what’s the story behind sewing cafe?

Well…Sewing Cafe started as a means to record and share my students progress, but they have encouraged me to post about what I am sewing as well as the creative differences my husband and I have during the course of the day, so it has expanded quite a bit over the last few months.

what’s your favorite part of your blog?

I really enjoy teaching and sharing what I learn along the way, and the blog is helping me to do that and I also value creating a record of my work.  I tend to always be thinking of what is next on the list, this helps me to slow down and look at what I have already accomplished.

what’s the most challenging part?

Slowing down my sewing process enough to photograph and write about it. The picture taking is problematic for me as cameras and I have never been on very friendly terms, and I prefer to communicate orally, so the writing is another skill I am trying to get comfortable with.

any advice for others who want to start a blog?

Start.  You can and will learn along the way and remember to be patient with yourself. You will most likely learn some valuable things about yourself, while allowing yourself to meet some wonderful and interesting people.  I guess this is the same advice I give to my sewing students.

any special goals…

To personalize the look of the blog, I would really like it to reflect my personality at this stage.
To grow my base of followers and learn how to engage people in the process to a fuller degree.
To develop my own line of patterns
To create iconic vintage garments from each decade.

just for fun: what’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I am a “Selfish Seamstress”  When I am not sewing for clients, I just want to sew for myself.  I do really admire people who sew for their families and friends, but I just tend to whine about it.  I appreciate this is not a particularly nice thing to realize about oneself, but its my reality and I of course do sew for my friends and family but not as graciously as I would like.

About the pictures:  1) recent picture taken by my husband in my studio,  2) taken many years ago for a costume party when my daughter was still my baby, 3) a picture of the wonder woman costume in progress, 4) joker, a 13″ action figure I was hired by DC Comics to create the pattern and clothing for this prototype, 5) an unlined corduroy jacket I made for my daughter now 21, 6) a formal riding suit I made for a equestrian client, 7) a wool dress with a silk wrap I made  for myself, 8) my husband and I in a set of original Batman and Robin costumes from the 66 batman TV show.  You can learn more about that picture and subsequent project at my new website www.williamsstudio2.com

thanks for sharing lynne!! such an interesting career with lots of fun stuff you have done! keep up the amazing work! and thanks for being a sponsor!! :)

peace and love