sponsor spotlight: happy together

Category: guest bloggers | February 17th, 2011

i am happy to introduce my next sponsor spotlight…jessica over at happy together!!! full of color and life, she has super cute crafts and a super cute (growing) family. she’s also one of the reasons why i started blogging! (thankful that she emailed me back with all my curious questions answered) :) get to know her and check out her blog!
what’s the story behind happy together?

Well, when my daughter was born it inspired me to teach myself sewing and crocheting so I could make things for her. My husband ended up having to go away quite a bit during the first two years of her life, so I also wanted a hobby or something. Then I found out about craft blogs. I was hooked. I decided that maybe it would be fun to start one up myself. Then with no idea what I was doing, a not so great camera, and a few ideas I started Happy Together.
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what inspires you?

So much does! My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She even asks for things now and I have to come up with a way how so I can deliver. I am also very inspired by many online clothing stores, other blogs, magazines, etc. I try to keep my eye open all the time for inspiration.
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what’s your favorite part about your blog?

My favorite thing is how I feel part of a bigger community that is all over the world. Sometimes being a military family is hard and when you first move you might not know anyone. But, with the blog, I feel like I always have people there with me and it allows me to meet people in the new areas we go to.
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what’s the most challenging part?

Sometimes there is a pressure I put on myself to keep up with other bloggers and all. I really watch this carefully because it’s not fair to do to oneself. It’s suppose to be fun, not some chore, so when I feel that way I have to just work at sitting back for a bit until it is fun again.
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any advice for others who want to start a blog?

Just go for it! I have just learned along the way. People are usually very kind with sharing information about blogging as well. So if you see someone’s blog and like how it’s put together, just email them and ask them about their html code. There are many great sites to choose from to have a blog on, or to even have your own private webpage, and they usually are very simple to set up. Just choose what it is you want to blog about and stick with it.
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any special goals you have set?

Not at this moment. I have really taken a backseat right now when it comes to blogging with a new baby on the way. I know that I am just not capable to keep up like I was there for a while, and that’s okay.
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just for fun: what’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Oh boy. Probably lots of things! lol. I guess most people who knew me in high school and college would not have any clue that I now am a “crafter”. I was more of a “jock” in high school and all. Another fun fact is that my husband was my first real boyfriend :), my college sweetheart.
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great story! thanks for sharing jessica. looking forward to more cute crafts and watching that belly grow!

peace and love