sooo proud…

Category: everyday | November 19th, 2009

glide for life!!!

my wonderful husband, travis,  is such a hard worker. he has been working like crazy and finally launched his new website live!!!! I am so proud of him and the glide team…I had to brag a little. sooo if anyone needs a new website, SEO, hosting, management, website strategy or anything of that sort…check it out!!!

glide design

I love the glide family and cannot wait to see all the growth and success!!!

team_travis_1 team_david_1 team_chris_1
travis                                          david                                     chris

team_kristen_1 team_autumn_1 team_molly_1
me                                           autumn                                        molly

now that he’s done with the new site, he should have more free time..right? lol he can help me with my looong list of Christmas gifts to make!

peace and love