some vintage love…

Category: everyday | January 16th, 2010

now that i don’t work on saturdays, i have a new love for them. :)
agenda for today:…..update.
* finish up school stuff
* set up kid’s church room at church (now that it is painted!!!!)
* enjoy the day with the hubby
* figure out lesson plan for church tomorrow
* hang up my “tree” (pics to come!) <—hopefully tonight!
* sew my knitted headbands! <— maybe tonight…
* double date night with some friends…sushi & movie! (moved to next sat)
* praise God (always!)

yea…that sounds good. what are some fun things you are going to do today???
on another note…my mom cleaned out her craft area and i was sent home with boxes of goodies!!! including this fun vintage book!
windows beautiful
how to make your windows beautiful!! from 1965!! only 50 cents. awesome
vintage craft room
look how pretty she looks sewing. ;)
vintage room
this room is my fav in the book. love, love, love the colors!!

another vintage hand me down that my grannie made…
vintage handmade potholders
lovely matching pot holders!
vintage tea pot cover
vintage hand made tea pot cover
check out another hand made beauty, tea pot cover, made by my grannie…my mom and her side of the fam are from england. they drink lots of tea. i’m more of a coffee drinker, but i love tea too. plus…i just got this awesome PINK tea pot for only $8!!!
pink tea pot
the cover fits perfectly over the pot. motivation to drink more tea. it even whistles. hehe

off to start checking off things on my list!! have a fabulous saturday!

peace and love