sneak peek

Category: everyday | February 26th, 2011

here’s a little sneak peek of what i’ve been working on. :) did i ever tell you that i love felt. felt is amazing. i just ordered some fancy felt from etsy and am super excited to get it!! lots of fun colors.

my goal with this felt….to open an etsy shop. sigh. i have been saying this for months now, but just haven’t gotten around to it. i have had some extra motivation lately so let’s see if that gets me somewhere. i don’t have a timeline goal just yet…but i’ll let you know!

have a great weekend!!!

peace and love

  • Lynne Williams

    Really what is not to love about wool felt right? I am confident that you will realize your dream. If it makes you feel any better, I registered for an etsy shop but it was over a year before I put a single thing in it…and that is what I still have, just a single item, have not been able to get pictures of some of my samples that I would like to sell. Maybe we can encourage each other.

    Kiss Penny for me,

    • Kristen McAshan

      ha. we can totally encourage each other. reading the sponsor’s advice has been helping too. miss penny says hi! :)

  • Oli Robbins

    I love these shapes. They’re so perfect for petals, leaves, etc. Congrats on opening your shop and best of luck! Love the colors for beautiful spring.