short and sweet projects

Category: everyday | June 27th, 2011

short and sweet…that’s really all P is letting me do now a days. lol. her naps are super short in my opinion, but apparently they are good enough for her. oh well. :) here are a few things i have done around the house lately:

while penelope was doing this….i thought i’d try and whip up a pillow cover with this cute amy butler fab i had laying around waiting to be used.

she approves. pretty sure if she could have picked it up then it would have gone straight to the mouth. :)

as you can see the door mat is a little on the boring side so i added this instead of buying a new one. yay for not spending money! (although i want to go buy a different spray paint color to redo it since this is all i had on hand….lol) i saw this cute idea over at yellow brick home.

P has these fun animal cards that my sweet friends gave her…which she loves. so i made a little frame holders out of felt that let you take the cards in and out. planning on hanging them..maybe. not sure.

here’s my lil coffee station. i think it’s kinda cute. i spray painted this basket thing awhile back and never found a home for it until today.

oh these two. ha. molly follows us everywhere, and brings a ball or a stick just in case. they were patiently waiting for me to finish this not so fun project of dishes because our dishwasher needs fixing. have i ever told y’all how much i love doing dishes. lol

and this is what we look like half of the day. ok…before all you sling/wrap experts out there say anything…i’d like to say that she was super snug and happy. so i’d say it was a success (but this particular style wasn’t in the book….so i just made it up?!) sure. but i do love wearing her…and it’s soo comfy.

ready to do more painting and then sleep…have a great night!