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Category: everyday | October 27th, 2009

nifty serger

all you serger experts (or those who know what they are doing) I need your help! my grannie gave me this wonderful new serger awhile back and I have not mastered it down yet. I’ve read the instructions, researched online, and guessed and checked til I was sick of the machine. lol I can’t seem to get the tension down right so it just looks like it doesn’t hug the edge correctly (if that makes sense). it is a little frustrating because I would use it all the time if I could…blah
blah again

this is the front and back view of what happens when I try to use the serger. see how it doesn’t wrap around the edge nicely. : ( I have messed with the numbers at the top so many times: lowering one thread, raising the other, etcetc. (this is also with 3 threads…so who knows, that might be my problem right there, not using 4 threads)

***if anyone has one of these beauties (mine is the 14SH744/14CG744 or 14SH754/14CG754 model) or just know some tips/advice/suggestions I would be one happy camper.

on another happy note…this lovely lil blue jersey skirt (that has pockets!) is going to get a makeover….stay tuned… : ) I hope everyone has a fabulous day and be blessed!

new project

peace and love

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  • Dara

    I have a domestic serger like yours from Pfaff and hate to say it has similar problems. They are just not as good as industrial ones and there doesn’t seem to be much you can do. If you have the space and can afford one I would recommend investing in an industrial one. One positive side effect of the recession at least is that a lot of companies are selling some of their inventories cheap – so it’s worth keeping your eyes open.

    But until then – something you might like to try is running fishing wire along the edge of your fabric and serge over it. Make sure you leave lots of extra wire (about 3 times the length of the fabric) at the end, then stretch the serged fabric over the wire until the wire is all inside the serged edge. It creates a stiff ruffled hem. Keep up the good work – love the blog. xx