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Category: everyday | October 27th, 2009

nifty serger

all you serger experts (or those who know what they are doing) I need your help! my grannie gave me this wonderful new serger awhile back and I have not mastered it down yet. I’ve read the instructions, researched online, and guessed and checked til I was sick of the machine. lol I can’t seem to get the tension down right so it just looks like it doesn’t hug the edge correctly (if that makes sense). it is a little frustrating because I would use it all the time if I could…blah
blah again

this is the front and back view of what happens when I try to use the serger. see how it doesn’t wrap around the edge nicely. : ( I have messed with the numbers at the top so many times: lowering one thread, raising the other, etcetc. (this is also with 3 threads…so who knows, that might be my problem right there, not using 4 threads)

***if anyone has one of these beauties (mine is the 14SH744/14CG744 or 14SH754/14CG754 model) or just know some tips/advice/suggestions I would be one happy camper.

on another happy note…this lovely lil blue jersey skirt (that has pockets!) is going to get a makeover….stay tuned… : ) I hope everyone has a fabulous day and be blessed!

new project

peace and love

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