quilt progress

Category: everyday | July 7th, 2011

i try to work a little bit each night before i go to sleep. i  knew it was going to take awhile for this project, but man…sewing little squares together takes a long time. lol. but making some progress. :)

  • Maike

    This quilt looks awesome!!!!! :) Great job!

  • Autumn Morgan

    Oh, Kristen! This is so amazing, it made me tear up. Penelope is going to LOVE this as she grows up. I have my baby blanket that my great grandmother knitted for me, and it is my most prized posession… I havent worked up the nerve to give it to Iris yet. lol

  • Romina

    Oooohh!!!! It’s so nice!!! Just love it, you’re doing a GREAT job!!