pretty new camera sleeve

Category: DIY | March 24th, 2011

last night i made a camera sleeve! does my camera strap need one? umm, yes! :) definitely makes it prettier and sets mine apart from every other person who has the same cam.

i found a fun and easy tutorial over at maryjanes and galoshes! (i used a thick fabric instead of using interfacing). i originally used this super cute vintage fabric as the base fabric….but i guess it was extra vintagey because it pretty much fell apart after i sewed through it. lol. so second times a charm! here you can see the remains of the first fabric in the middle of the ruffles. i tried to zigziag it to hold it in place but it just fell apart from that too….sooo i just kept it on the ruffles and like the effect it adds. :) mistakes can be pretty.

husband thinks it’s cute and now won’t be caught using the cam out in public. lol whatever! i tried to not make the colors too girlie at least. ;)

maybe this will encourage me to take even more pictures! hope everyone has a blessed day! it’s thursday….closer to the weekend. yay!!