pinterest challenge

Category: DIY, everyday | September 7th, 2012

hey all you pinners out there: do y’all actually do the recipes, crafts, activities, DIYs that you pin?? i am guilty of not doing this lately. there are just so many awesome ideas, i’m a bit overwhelmed. ha. but after having my sis stay with us last weekend she inspired me. :) so i too want to join the challenge of doing at least 1 thing that i have pinned per week….whether it’s a recipe, craft, or activity, etc. :) i’m excited for this small but big challenge and encourage all of y’all to join too! maybe i’ll even get around to posting about it too! :)

**the photo above just might need to be my first project. i have been craving bubble tea for pretty much too long, so here it goes! thanks a cup of mai for posting this and catching my eye. :) you can follow my pins here!

  • Rachel

    I would love to join you in your crafting/cooking endeavours. I drive in from Austin everyday so it would be easy for me to stop by Michaels/HEB on the way in. Let me know!

  • Ellen

    I didn’t even see this post before I made that flower the other day! Lol guess we were thinking the same thing! :) I use their recipes more than anything, but I’m trying to get more crafty while I have all this down time… Love and miss you! I hope everything is going well :))